Testing of complete system stability including CT & PT by primary injection.Complete System Pre-commissioning tests, Primary Injection tests and HIPOT test facilities etc. are available for system healthiness assurance.

  • We have Vast experience in field of Electrical Protection Testing.
  • We have Primary Injection Test Kit upto 800A (onsite) and 1200A Laboratory Test Bench for system / CT stability and thoroughness Testing.
  • HIPOT Test facility for 11kV System.
  • HT Insulation Tester for detection of insulation health of Generators and HT Cables.
  • Clamp On type Digital Earth Resistance Tester for quick earthing test.
  • Earth Leakage Tester for detection of leakage ground leakage current monitoring.
  • We are Geared up With latest and most comprehensive Testing Kits and instruments for testing protective relays as well.
  • Low Voltage to 132kV line protection Relays testing Facility./li>
  • Dynamic Team of Experienced Graduate and Diploma Engineers for job execution and report generation.
  • Standard Test Package for TG set and Cogen Generator –Transformer Testing.
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