DG & TG synchronizing support & solutions.Auto and Manual DG and TG synchronization solutions and services help you to optimize the utilization of your captive power supply.

  • We Provide Synchronization Solutions for DG/TG Sets with all plant related interlocking on L&T PLC / Relay based platform.
  • Our Synchronization Solution ( in association with M/s RUX Automation Pvt.Ltd.) covers not just electrical synchronization but also process related interlocking for flawless system performance.
  • Our Synchronization Solution takes care of Neutral Logic along with proper sharing of KW & Kvar of all DG sets of any rating combination.
  • We include necessary protections like Over Current, Earthfault, Short Ckt, Under Voltage, Over Voltage, Reverse Power, Field Failure, Over Frequency ,under Frequency for all generating sets running in synchronization.
  • We also provide option to incorporate engine related protections like LLOP, HWT, Low Battery Voltage, Over Speed etc as many as protection in engine controller.
  • We have Adequate in house supply and backup support required for long term operational success of our synchronization solutions.
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